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                June,1992 Hualun Chemical was founded in Yangzhou

                April ,1996 Hualun Lubes was founded in Yangzhou

                February,2001 Hualun Solvents Co.,LTD was founded

                December,2004 "Galaxy" brand is named as the famous brand

                December, 2005 Seaplant was starting&PMA was hornored as Jiangsu Famous brand

                October,2006  Jiangsu Hualun Fortrec Chemical Co.,LTD was founded

                April, 2010 Hualun Logistics Co.,Ltd was founded

                2011 our avenue reaches 2 billion Yuan

                April,2012 Naroo-Hualun New Materials Co.,LTD was founded

                July, 2012 Hualun-SK Chemical was founded with SK

                January,2014 Hualun Galaxy Chemical Commercial Holding Co.,LTD was founded

                April, 2014 "Galaxy" brand was named as National Famous Brand

                MAy, 2015 company SAP ERP system was online

                February, 2015 Seoul Korea Branch office was established


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