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                Social responsibility

                Charity Fund Introduction

                The Chinese nation is a nation of enthusiasm and kindness, and it is a noble act. Giving donations is not only helping others, but also helping ourselves. Because helping others is a kind of happiness, good deeds can also enjoy the pleasure of the soul. We need not only philanthropists, but also social group charitable participation to arouse more people's warmth and care, to attract more people to help each other, and to make charity a public initiative.

                In line with the tenet of “helping the poor, helping each other, and being willing to contribute”, the company established the “Employee Charity Foundation” on December 19, 2012. Since then, it has a better channel to convey love and help each other. .

                The source of Jiangsu Hualun Chemical Charity Fund mainly comes from the company's profit sharing, the company's all employees' donations, company-directed grants, corporate employees' illegal donations, and interest generated by corporate funds.

                The fund is funded by employees who have special difficulties in the company. When appropriate, they can also extend the use of the fund to all societies, and truly take it to the people and use it to the people, reflecting the warmth of the Warren family.

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